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Hi! I’m Rachel.

I am Rachel V Hill, a digital marketing maven, published author; and AI-powered content marketing strategist.

Specializing in ChatGPT technology for business innovation I bring a robust 10+ years of hands-on experience in digital marketing, content creation, and process workflow and automation to complex business challenges.

As a certified ChatGPT prompt engineer (big shoutout to Vanderbilt University!), my unique expertise to boost businesses, governments, and content creators by enhancing creativity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness through ChatGPT and cutting-edge AI tools.

Unquestionably, my journey from a globe-trotting travel influencer to an innovative leader in ChatGPT AI consulting reflects my unwavering dedication to creativity, innovation, marketing technology, and excellence.


  • I’m A “Retired” Travel Influencer: Before you roll your eye. Hear me out. I’ve ventured through 70+ countries, and once created a thriving global travel influencer brand (tragically deleted by hackers ????) that engaged over 30K followers in just seven years.
  • I’ve Been Featured In: Prestigious outlets like CondeNast, Lonely Planet, USA Today, HuffPost, and Norwegian Airlines Inflight magazine (September 2018), to name a few. (Press + Media)
  • I’m Currently Obsessed With: Rose & Cardamom iced lattes, adorable puppies, my breadmaker (snagged brand new at Goodwill for only $4!), and the fascinating world of AI technology.
  • Oh! And: I absolutely adore dogs – they are my perpetual source of inspiration and joy.

Rachel Hill - Digital Marketing Expert in Travel & Tourism Destination Marketing Influencer