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The Launch Sales Predictor

An easy and straightforward calculator tool that helps you efficiently forecast your launch revenue goals within seconds!


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When it comes to launching products do you feel any of the following?

  • You’re so overwhelmed and frustrated with the launch strategy that you get paralyzed with anxiety about launching.

  • You believe it will take you tons of hours and dollars to hit your revenue goals.

  • It would be helpful to see your revenue goals simplified – but you’re unsure of how to calculate them

[FREE TOOL] The Launch Sales Predictor


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“… Hit $10K in pre- sales on the cookbook!…

I couldn’t have done this without your expertise, knowledge, and insights!”

Will Edmond | Travel Host + Vegan Chef


The [TOOL] Launch Sales Predictor is a super simple tool that helps you release overwhelm and predict your launch revenue goals within seconds!

With just two simple numbers, you’ll be able to predict how much you could potentially profit in your launch. The [TOOL] Launch Sales Predictor will help you:

  • Get crystal clear on what it takes to reach your launch revenue sales goals easily and effectively.

  • Easily pinpoint a tangible target sales number for you and your team to work towards to hit your launch sales revenue goals.

  • Confidently redefine the strategies it takes to launch your product, course, or webinar!