How to Get Paid to Travel + Exact Templates to Pitch Brands

Let’s be honest.
We all would love to get paid or compensated to travel.
As travel is becoming more accessible to all, many new and inspiring travel bloggers/vloggers/podcasters are looking to get paid and/or compensated for their influence. has been running for three years and I’ve having the most amazing opportunities to partner and collaborate with amazing brands, including Herschel Supply Company, Amazing Thailand, AC Marriott hotels, and more just to name a few.
Before I get into the “how”, let me be very clear and transparent with you about a few things:
1) There is no such thing as “free”: I believe our good brother Drake said, “I shouldn’t have to *#&! for free.” And it’s true. As pretty and good looking as you are, no one is going to compensate you based off of that alone.  When collaborating with Brands they will require something from you as you would from them. This could include blog posts, video, reviews on certain sites, etc.
2) You MUST Understand You Audience & The Brands Needs: This possibly the most important thing for you to remember. You have to be VERY clear on your audience. If you have no idea of exactly who you’re talking to, know their needs, desires, etc. it will be very hard for you to convince a brand that partnering together is mutually beneficial.
3) This is a Business Transaction: Seriously. You’re not just getting free nights stay at a beautiful resort and villa. You’re staying to document your experiences, writing about it, creating beautiful, visually appealing content, etc. As mentioned in an earlier point, you’re getting to give. If you desire to work with other Brands, you must take this seriously and with pride. Your name is on this.
4) Be Different: I think it’s safe to say, lately, there’s been an influx in travel bloggers. Legit. We come to a dime a dozen. So you must stand out in some way. What that means for you, is going to be different from me. If you want to get more clarity on it, you can schedule a coffee date with me.
Now, do you want the exact template that I use to pitch brands and get sponsorships, opportunities, trips, meals, etc.? Of course you do.
You can grab the “Travel Sponsorship Pitch Templates Bundle”  here.
What is included in this bundle is:
  • Hotel Pitch Template
  • Travel Tours Pitch Template
  • General Pitch Template
  • Guest Post Collaboration Template
BONUS: A mini video training show how to pull this all together
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